I'm alive, i swear!

I've been quiet lately, getting used to this whole job thing. It's definately not as much fun as school, but it's not all bad.

I'm actively working on fixing up this kwiki blog thing, and for that, i need to test my WikiLinking, and my tables.

Dick Jane
height 72" 65"
weight 130lbs 150lbs

I'm really surprised by the amount of work this tiny module has taken to polish up. All that remains is some tests, and i should be ready to release. If you'd like to use or review the code, contact me.

CtF is well on its way to be coming yet-another-unfinishable-project, thanks to my own laziness, and some general project slippage with my teammates at NU.

I've also been reading quite a bit. I highly recommend the following books for anyone of a technical nature:

I'm hoping that after doing so much reading, i'll write more code in my off time. we'll have to wait and see.

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happy new year!

Since today's pretty much balanced between "normal" new year and chinese new year, it's the perfect time for some new year news.

CTF now has two functional service tests, with a third nearly complete. HTTP, and SMB are finished, FTP is failing to fetch the file properly for some reason. HTTPS could be added also, with minimal effort.

Boysetsfire is awesome. For some, this is not news, but I've been listening to their new album Tomorrow Come Today for the last week or so, and I must admit, i'm starting to miss my hardcore days.

Kerberos is a pretty shiny toy. I started playing with it last night, and was able to create a realm with minimal effort on a debian machine. I'm going to start building a Kerberos + LDAP beast (probably on OpenBSD) in my copious free time.

It feels good to be learning again.

This just in - andy has fixed the FTP service test. w00t w00t!

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CTF v2.0 - now rapidly approaching functional!

So, Crew is preparing for their next ctf a bit early, in order to get me to finish the tools. Well, it's working.

The shiny new dynamic flag system has just completed four whole scoring rounds exactly as expected. A service was captured, flags rotated properly, and points were awarded.

This is a HUGE step toward completion. All that's left is to set up a bigger test network, and keep trying to break it. :)

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Meanwhile, back on the ranch...

I've just returned from LISA '04, and i was inspired. Some time ago, i had mentioned building a blogging engine with kwikitext as the markup language. well, i've done it. I lashed together the following modules:

And now i have a Kwiki Blog with adjustable backends, and RSS feeds from Bryar.


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Test [=Test] /Test/

This is a test of kwiki and Bryar blogging.

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My first blog post!

First post! First post!

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