happy new year!

Since today's pretty much balanced between "normal" new year and chinese new year, it's the perfect time for some new year news.

CTF now has two functional service tests, with a third nearly complete. HTTP, and SMB are finished, FTP is failing to fetch the file properly for some reason. HTTPS could be added also, with minimal effort.

Boysetsfire is awesome. For some, this is not news, but I've been listening to their new album Tomorrow Come Today for the last week or so, and I must admit, i'm starting to miss my hardcore days.

Kerberos is a pretty shiny toy. I started playing with it last night, and was able to create a realm with minimal effort on a debian machine. I'm going to start building a Kerberos + LDAP beast (probably on OpenBSD) in my copious free time.

It feels good to be learning again.

This just in - andy has fixed the FTP service test. w00t w00t!

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